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Swallowtail 2024
From Monday, January 1st, 2024 to Sunday, June 30th, 2024
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Machaon sightings in spring 2024

The Machaon Papilio machaon is a large straw-yellow butterfly with black mottling, a broad blue stripe and two long tails.

The female lays her eggs on Apiaceae (umbellifers), where the brightly coloured caterpillars develop.

Beware: in south-east France, the Alexenor flies, a magnificent butterfly somewhere between a Flambé and a Machaon. Corsica is also home to the Corsican Hairstreak, an endemic of Corsica and Sardinia, very similar to the Machaon, with which it sometimes hybridizes.

Image caption: The Machaon often frequents gardens, where it looks for numerous flowering plants to forage on. © Nelly Duigou.

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