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Natterjack Toad 2024
Common Clubtail 2024
Eurasian Crag Martin 2024
Eurasian Golden Oriole 2024
Swallowtail 2024
Sedge Warbler 2024
Red-backed Shrike 2024
Willow Warbler 2024
Common Raccoon 17-24
Common Nightingale 2024
Common Redstart 2024
Asp Viper 2024
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  • LIMAT a new survey on water birds

    LIMAT a new survey on water birds

  • Faune-France partners

    Faune-France partners

  • Waning Gibbous
    Arles, Tuesday, June 25th, 2024
    Waning Gibbous (18 days)
    Moonrise at 0h51 and moonset at 9h26
    Sun : sunrise at 06h01 and sunset at 21h26
    Day : dawn at 05h25 and dusk at 22h02
Welcome to Faune-France
Welcome to Faune-France
Project carried out by LPO France, in collaboration with a network of partner associations.