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Faune-France: citizen science for nature protection

More then 50 French nature protection NGOs work together within the Faune-France project to promote research, education and conservation.

With Faune-France you may:

  • explore more than 30 millions of records about wildlife,
  • get access to the result of national surveys,
  • consult latest news about nature,
  • record your own sightings and share them with a wide nature-lover community,
  • track your lists and use the platform as your digital notebook,
  • contribute to citizen sceince projects and surveys for a better understanding of the biodiversity and for effective protection actions.

Explore millions of observations

A wide communauty of nature-lovers and professionnel naturalists from more than 50 NGOs contribute daily to Faune-France, its local web portals or its mobile app NaturaList.

You can explore more than 30 million records and get acces to a gallery made of 2 million documents (pictures and sound records). 

With Faune-France you can :

  • discover what are the species recorded in your region or elsewher,
  • draw species distribution maps in real time,
  • manage and improve yours species lists…

Share your sightings

With Faune-France you can record you sighting everywhere including Corsica. Most of overseas territories have dedicated portals with the sema technology.

Faune-France is also connected to the mobile app NaturaList. With NaturaList you can record yours sightings directly in the field. You can alos use local portals such as Faune-Normandie (Normandy), Faune-Bretagne (Brittany)...

Sharing your sightings is best way to contribute to local, national and internation surveys and to promote nature protection.

Help to protect nature

Grâce à un  lot d’informations naturalistes sans équivalent, Faune-France permet d’améliorer très sensiblement la connaissance du patrimoine naturel. Il s’agit d’une étape essentielle pour la mise en œuvre d’actions de conservation efficaces.

With more than 30 million records collected, Faune-France is now an unparralleled information resource on wildlife. The database supports science projects and effective nature protection actions such as site, habitat and species management or species protection (adapting hunting season to conservation statut for instance).

written by PhJo, 03/08/2020

Project carried out by LPO France, in collaboration with a network of partner associations.