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Estimation of the Common Bird population (EPOC)

Getting precise information about common bird numbers is pretty difficult. The EPOC survey is coordinated by the LPO and the National Museum of Natural History (MNHN). It is a pleasant survey to take part in, need very few time and can be done everywhere and when you want. So, why not joining?

Can you take part?

The EPOC survey is based on point counts. To take part into the project, you have to kwow your birds by view and by sound.


You have to record and localize on a digital map all individual birds you detect on a precise spot during a 5 minutes survey. Birds that fly other the site (migrants, non local birds) are recorded as "In flight" (En vol).


Everywhere you can stay still and concentrated during 5 minutes. It a could be a one shot survey ot you can repeat count points regularly in the same spot.


You can record an EPOC absolutley when you went : day or night, all year round. EPOC without any contact are also interesting.


The best solution is to use NaturaList : the mobil app connected to Faune-France. Please use the mode "List in real time" and locate each individual bird on the map but only once.

More info

To download the guideline (in French), please clic  << here >>

National Coordinator: Jérémy Dupuy, jeremy.dupuy@lpo.fr


First version by PJ, 25/09/2017

completed by Jérémy Dupuy and PJ, l24/04/2018

translated by PJ : 08/07/2020

Project carried out by LPO France, in collaboration with a network of partner associations.