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Asp Viper 2024
From Monday, January 1st, 2024 to Tuesday, December 31st, 2024
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Distribution of the asp viper in 2024
The asp viper Vipera aspicis is a snake whose name is well known, but which few people have ever seen. The viper has become very rare and its decline is continuing inexorably. This may be good news for the faint-hearted, but it's actually very bad news. The viper's decline reflects the drastic depletion of its prey, mainly small mammals, and the dramatic deterioration of its habitats (hedgerows, wasteland and verges). Today, the viper has virtually disappeared from the vast regions dominated by intensive agriculture.
The data collected as part of the Faune-France initiative will provide a better understanding of the current distribution of this once common species. But be careful not to confuse the Asp Viper with its congeners, the Adder and above all the Viperine Snake, which is much more widely distributed and completely harmless.
Image caption: The Asp viper is now only a threat of extinction. © Denis Bruyère
Map based on collective data from Faune-France and its partners. No use authorised without the prior consent of the LPO.
Project carried out by LPO France, in collaboration with a network of partner associations.