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Moorish Gecko 2023
From Sunday, January 1st, 2023 to Sunday, December 31st, 2023
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Distribution of the Moorish Gecko in 2023
The Moorish Gecko Tarentola mauritanica is a small Mediterranean gecko found all along the Mediterranean coast. It lives in many natural areas, but is best seen in dry stone walls, stony areas and isolated buildings. This species is also very present in towns and cities, where it hunts insects at night on the walls lit by street lamps.
Until the 1980s, the Moorish Gecko was only seen in Corsica and along the coasts of Provence and Roussillon. Its presence was more sporadic along the coasts of Languedoc and Gard. The little Gecko was also occasionally seen in a few towns down the Rhône valley. It was mentioned in ten départements.
During the 2000s, it conquered the entire Mediterranean coastal fringe and over the last two decades has accelerated its expansion in all directions. A large number of introductions appear to have taken root, creating new beachheads. Its presence is now reported in 62 départements!
Image caption: Moorish Gecko. © Patrick Kern
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