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European Pied Flycatcher 2021
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Pied flycatcher autumn records in 2020

The Pied Flycatcher Ficedula hypoleuca is a forest passerine that only breeds locally in France. This eurosiberian species is declining, probably under the effect of global warming. It is now considered Vulnerable on the Red list of threatened breeding birds in mainland France.

During the migratory period, on the other hand, millions of birds from all over northern and Eastern Europe cross France towards West Africa. This migration begins during the last decade of July and continues until October, but the peak of passage is during the first decade of September.

At that time, Pied Flycatcher can be recorded almost everywhere in many different landscape, including gardens or parks in cities.

Image: Pied Flycatcher in autumn plumage. © Jean-Marc Thibault

Map data from Faune-France and partners. Reproduction and reuse prohibited without prior permission by LPO.

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