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Violet Dropwing 2023
From Sunday, January 1st, 2023 to Sunday, December 31st, 2023
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Distribution of the Violet Dropwing in 2023
The Violet Dropwing Trithemis annulata is a dragonfly of African origin. Discovered in southern Spain in 1978, it continued to spread northwards, appearing in mainland France in 1994. Since then, the species has become well established in the southern half of the country.
Look for this beautiful species in stagnant bodies of water: ponds, sand pits, lagoon sites, etc. Active from mid-June, its peak activity occurs in September. The last individuals are recorded until November.
The male of the Violet Dropwing is easily recognised by its wine-pink colouring, purplish face, red wing veins and amber wing bases. Females are yellowish and have bright yellow-orange wing bases.
Please attach photos to your observations.
Image caption: This male of Violet Dropwing is easily recognised by its wine-pink hue. It erects its abdomen to limit its exposure to sunlight. Ph.Jourde
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